L’Oreal – Rare Flowers Toner For Dry & Sensitive Skin


L’Oréal Paris Skin Rare Flowers Purifying Toner is a skintonic to dry and sensitive skin that revitalizes and softens the skin. Experience L’Oréal Paris’ new skintonic with a combination of carefully selected extracts of rose and jasmine, known for their calming properties. The lovely fresh skintonic with floral scent completes your cleansing products for a perfect end to the cleaner routine. All residue of dirt and makeup is removed and your skin feels calm and comfortable. Day after day, your skin will feel softer and experience more beautiful! Benefits: – Skintonic to dry and sensitive skin – Revitalizes, soothes and softens the skin – A combination of carefully selected extracts from rose and jasmine – Delightful fresh fragrance – Perfect end to the cleaner routine – Remove any dirt and makeup residue – Your skin feels calm and comfortable – The result is a skin that will feel softer and perceived more beautiful. Application: – Apply a little skintonic on a cotton pad tomorrow and evening. – Apply gentle cotton swab over the face to remove dirt and residue of makeup – Avoid eye area

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