Collagen – Extra Whitening Cream


Collagen Extra Whitening Cream/Perfectly Mositurizes (Hydra Glossy, Anti-wrinkle, Shrink pores, Moisturizing, Whitening)

✅All-in-one whitening cream increases flexibility to stress, improves resiliency, inhibits melanin production and promotes healthy skin.

✅48hr professional whitening program; day by day skin becomes lighter and more radiant

✅Enhances skin’s elasticity, lightening your skin and harmful UV rays

✅A double action to promote the skin whitening and keeps natural moisture.

✅Helps to prevent the creation of acne

✅ Leaves your skin softer, brighter and healthy

✅ Combination of Vit B3 and E, improve skin condition and reduces age spots, freckles amd melanin pigmentation. Good for all skin types, even to sensitive skin.

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