L’Oréal Paris Hyaluron Specialist Jelly 50ml


Do you want healthy-looking skin that’s plumped up on the inside and smoothed on the outside? The intensively nourishing L’Oréal Paris Hyaluron Specialist Jelly day cream does just that. It uses two different types of hyaluronic acid – the type with smaller molecules penetrates deep into the skin and fills it with hydration, whilst the type with larger molecules moisturises the skin’s surface instantly and smooths a rough texture. In addition to 48-hour hydration, this gel-textured cream can help you fight wrinkles.


  • moisturises the skin intensely, working both deeply and on the surface
  • supplies moisture, keeps the skin hydrated for 48 hours
  • smooths the surface and evens out a rough texture
  • helps fight wrinkles and premature skin ageing
  • plumps the skin from the inside, giving it a fresher and fuller look
  • has a light gel texture
  • suitable for all skin types (from 25 years old)