Garnier Fructis Grow Strong 10 in 1 Cream 400ml


  • There is a solution for every problem. If your problem has to do with thin, brittle, and fragile hair, the solution is simple: to use proper haircare problems specifically formulated to help them to become thicker and stronger.

    If you need to get past this situation quickly, Garnier Fructis Grow Strong 10 in 1 Cream can come to the rescue. It will reinforce the hair by infusing high-performance ingredients to address telltale signs of damage. By regularly using it, you will be able to reduce hair loss by 85%, as well as get rid of split ends and prevent it from breaking.

    Benefits of Garnier Fructis Grow Strong 10 in 1 Cream:

    – enriched with Niacin and Apple extract;
    – intensively moisturizes hair;
    – strengthens hair along its entire length;
    – reduces hair loss;
    – prevents split ends;
    – makes hair soft and shiny;
    – facilitates combing;
    – protects from damaging external factors;
    – does not stick hair together and weigh it down.