Garnier – Mineral Action Control roll on 50ml


Garnier Mineral Action Control Thermic roll-on antiperspirant offers up to 72-hour protection from unwanted body odour. This product keeps your underarms dry, provides a lasting feeling of freshness, and its quick-drying formula allows you to put on your clothes straight after application.

The effects of this antiperspirant have been tested in extreme conditions and high temperatures – all with fantastic results.


  • provides up to 72-hour protection from body odour
  • tested at high temperatures and in a sauna at 45 °C
  • ensures a lasting feeling of freshness
  • keeps your underarms dry
  • has a quick-drying formula


  • natural mineral called mineralite – absorbs moisture, keeps your armpits dry
  • free of alcohol

How to apply:
Apply the antiperspirant to dry skin of your underarm

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