Rolanjona – Bamboo Salt Acne Removing & Marks Fading Cleanser


This cleanser is special for acne skin, oil control, shrink pores, hydrating, acne removing. After wash your face with it, you will feel your face very fresh but no dry. Deep pores, remove makeup, dirt and aging skin, soften cuticle, skin acne antibacterial, dilute the pox and India, restore skin health, unique salt essence, and anti-inflammatory in cleaning the skin at the same time, the deeper into the underlying skin, activate cell regeneration, from the inside to eliminate problems remaining acne and black pigment acne, skin whitening flawless charming you are.

How to use: After wetting face, apply proper amount onto palm, rub out the foam, massage gently for 1-2 minutes, then rinse off with clear water.